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USA Track & Field has implemented a criminal background screening program on coaches and volunteers of youth clubs.

Background Checks have been implemented by USATF to:

  1. Promote a safe, nurturing, and supportive athletic environment in which youth athletes can pursue their athletic goals;
  2. Provide an environment where parents can feel good about allowing their child to participate in the sport of track and field.
  3. Maintain the sport of track and field as a hostile environment for those who would seek to harm youth athletes.

Rubin Carter - Founder of Wings of Omaha Track and Field Club, Region 8 Coordinator, Certified U.S.A.T.F. Level 1 Coach and Certified Official

Tony Welchen - Head Coach, Certified U.S.A.T.F. Level 1 Coach Coach and Certified Official

Gale Sayers-Proby - Throwers and Sprinters Coach

Chris Gray - Throwers Coach

Rochelle White - Jumps Coach and Certified U.S.A.T.F. Level 1 Coach

Keith Harris - Middle, Long Distance and High Jump Coach

Marquis Thomas - Sprinters Coach

Taylor White-Welchen - Sprinters Coach and Certified U.S.A.T.F.Level 1 Coach

Donna Stewart - Jumps and Sprinters Coach

Arlette Jefferson - Sprinter Coach
Wade Lanum - Middle Distance and Field Events Coach

Wings of Omaha Track Club
Omaha, NE